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Wednesday, July 20, 2011



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Piranha attacks

Author: adam

Piranha attacks on humans is not very frequent in fact the native's don't fear piranha attacks at all they have their kids swimming in piranha infested waters, where humans and piranhas attack and prey on same food source as humans, Natives know about the danger involved in piranha attacks and there have been piranha attacks in the past where some native fisher men have lost their life or some piranha attacks ended up killing natives, however the natives have no choice but to get into piranha waters as the rivers usually flood their homes.. This most shocking Piranha attack happened when an excavator fell in the Amazon river, the true home to piranha attacks on humans, employees working for a gas company were informed about the danger involved about the piranha attacks, employees while carrying out work on a gas-line for Petrobras unaware of the piranha attacks the operator broke the glass to free himself but wounded his hand trying to escape, the blood attracted Piranhas, now when piranhas attack they have a reputation of eating flesh out of bones… 

You will be shocked to know that the shocking news is Piranhas fishes have just about the same reputation as the great white sharks, Piranhas fishes are man eaters and this is not a shocking news, the Hollywood movie scene loves to show their most shocking pictures and side when ever is appropriate by creating some unusual piranha attacks and also some unusual piranha fish sizes.  The shocking news is that  of piranha fish's appetite for meat is what originally gave them the bad reputation and their aggressive attack strategy piranha fish have. 

 Piranha fish generally pose little threat to humans, and piranha attacks on humans are extremely rare. As said earlier in the most shocking news that Natives frequently swim in piranha fish infested water without piranha attacks or scratches. It is not recommended to swim where piranha fish live in drought season because of increased aggressiveness caused by food scarcity.The most shocking news recently was that Piranha fish also have the same sensory system that enables sharks to detect blood in mini scale amounts, so it is believed that swimming with an open cut may enhance the chance of a piranha  attack, the most shocking news or Stories about schools of piranhas attacks turning horses or people into skeletons within seconds are the result of numerous re-telling and exaggerations over the years about the piranha attacks. While piranha fish schools can reach over a thousand in count, and piranha attacks do happen, there are no documented reports of someone being killed in a piranha attack. There are, however, documented cases of people dying not from piranha attacks but other causes and then being consumed by piranha fish (piranha fish just happened to be the scavenger that got there first).

piranha attack humans simple see it to believe it click here to see this most shocking pictures

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